Size: 1990mm x 1990mm x 770mm Deep - Fits through doorways!

Portable: Unique one-piece production method

Flexible Installation Options: Freestanding or built-into environment

Weight: 172kg

Seating: 5 - 6 Person

Pump: 2 Speed Hi-Flow pump

Water Capacity: Capacity: 1050 Litres / Turnover rate: every 8 minutes

Rapid Drain: Drain down time 8 minutes

Filtration: 50 sq.ft top access cartridge pressure filter

Autoclense: 24 hr circulation

Electrical Supply: 13 Amp - 25 Amp dependent on heater choice

Heating Options:

  • 2Kw corrosion resistant element (standard) 1.7’C heating capacity per hour

  • 3Kw corrosion resistant element, 2.6’C heating capacity per hour

  • 1.1Kw heat pump gives 5.6Kw heating output, 4.7’C heating capacity per hour

  • 1.6Kw heat pump gives 8.6Kw heating output, 7.3’C heating capacity per hour

  • Heat exchanger for connection to gas, oil and biomass boilers

Hydrotherapy: 16 x Luxury hydro jet package including directional, spinning, pulsing and direct jets.

Insulation & Durability: Lockable thermal hard cover, unique ROTO-THERM spa insulation throughout entire cabinet, spa base and rear of spa shell. Hard wearing Tonka-tough spa shell.

Colour Options: Sandstone, granite grey, or light grey with teak or dark grey wood effect panels.

Draindown, Clean, Refill & Heat-up Time: 230 minutes

Other Features As Standard

  • Inline Disinfectant Tablet Feeder

  • Ozone Sanitation

  • 100% Circulation Plumbing: spa water is circulated through all pipes and jets all of the time, no booster pump circuits for water to sit in

  • Silent Air Boost Zones x3: increases hydrotherapy by injecting air into water stream

  • Intelligent Powersmart Spa Control System: incorporating dynamic thermal tuning, smart filtration, auto daily sanitise, remote wi-fi access, programmable sleep period, heat pump interface

  • Lockable Touchpad: user controls pump and light functions only

  • Lighting: LED master light, illuminated touch pad, illuminated top side controls

  • Remote support: WiFi enabled

  • Insulated lockable thermal hard cover - keeps your heat in and everything else out

  • 12 Colour Fading Light

  • Lit up Controls

Optional Extra: Wi-Fi Module


Portable and Versatile Installation Options

Can be built on decking or free-standing installation due to their unique design

Free training and Support

Full maintenance and compliance package, you and your maintenance team can be fully assured and protect your investment with first class training on spa usage

24 Hour Customer Service Helpline

Assistance available when you need it

Service Visits arranged within 48 hours

Service Level Agreement of 48 hours for engineer visit when necessary. Subject to T&Cs

Quick Change Over

We understand that on change over days fast turnaround is very important to you. With fast drain our spas will drains in around 8 minutes. This will enable you to prepare the spa for your next guest quickly.

  • Rapid Drain – 8mins

  • Cleaning – 5 minutes

  • Filling – 20mins

  • Heating – 4 hours*

Wi-Fi Ready

Control your hot tub functions from anywhere in the world

UK manufactured

Designed and built completely in the UK with nationwide support RotoSpa is committed to buying locally and supporting our local economy Lowest environmental impact of any hot tub in the UK market. Less shipping costs offering maximum quality at the lowest cost.

Inline Disinfectant Tablet Feeder

Provides 24hour constant sanitization and residual disinfectant to kill bacteria. Complies with HSG282 Section 76

Automatic Ozone Water Purification

Automatically provides additional natural disinfectant which provides sanitization and reduces chemical usage. Kills 99% of water borne bacteria and virus’ giving safe, crystal clear water. Complies with HSG282 Section 76

Ultra High Flow Filtration Circulation, Complete Water Filtration

Will filter 100% of the spa water in the spa within 8 minutes of operation. Exceeds requirement of HSG282 Section 76. Sanitized spa water is circulated through all pipes and jets all of the time, there are no booster pump circuits for water to sit in. No dead ends.

Plug & Play 13a Electrical Supply

Only requires household power meaning no expensive electrical works required. Alternative heating solutions may require different power rating.

Intelligent PowerSmart Spa Control System

Incorporates Dynamic Thermal Tuning, Smart Filtration, Auto Daily Sanitise, Remote Wi-Fi Access, Programmable Sleep Period, Heat Pump Interface

Lockable Touchpad

Prohibits Unauthorised changes to spa functionality

Lighting Multi Coloured LED master light

Touchpad, topside and controls are all illuminated giving visibility of functions at all times.

Insulated Lockable Thermal Hard Cover

Keeps your heat in and everything else out.

Unique RotoTherm Spa Insulation

Market leading Insulation saves you money and makes your business sustainable.

Tonka Tough Spa Shell

Lifetime Shell Guarantee, designed for the unpredictable UK climate.

Choice of spas colours

Match you spa to your holiday park environment. Compliment the overall park aesthetic and styling.

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